Friday, March 16, 2012

New Ipad 3rd Generation Unboxing! (2012)

New Ipad 3rd Generation unboxing! (2012) Click Here
If you're an Apple diehard, ... The third-gen iPad comes in typical Apple packaging. The new iPad goes on sale ...

While the official launch of the 3rd Generation iPad isn't until March 16th, Vietnamese has managed to get their hands on one of the new iPads and shot an unboxing video.The video, of course, is in Vietnamese, but you can follow along pretty easily. This new offer much then any thing in this world that you can choose high valuable thoughts of thinking while taking any of these series.  

 The 3rd Generation iPad launches officially on March 16th. Many readers have already received shipping notices for their pre-orders. While some may slip through the cracks and be delivered early, Apple typically requests shipments to be delayed until launch day.

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Thanks to the vagueries of the international dateline, our corporate cousins at CNET Australia have gotten their hands on one of the very first third-generation iPads to be sold to the public by Apple. A handful of got their pre-ordered units early this week as well, but this is the first round of officially sanctioned retail sales.
While here in the US, FedEX packages containing the new iPad are being held in transit until Friday morning, and Apple stores will open to the pubic at 8:00am. But as it is  down under, this early unboxing has been lovingly captured on video for all to see.

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